Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Muslim Leader in Australia Wants Islamic Law

Here is a perfect example of why Muslims should never gain power in a Christian country. The leader of Australia's Muslim political party want to implement Islamic Law.
The leader of the nation's first Muslim political party says all Australians should be living under Islamic law dictated by the Koran.

The Best Party of Allah in Australia applied for registration in the ACT yesterday, claiming to provide a political voice for Muslims.

Founder Kurt Kennedy, a Vietnamese-born Muslim convert and candidate in the ACT assembly elections last year, said the party wanted to "implement the laws as stated in the Koran".

"The positive part of sharia law is (about) treating everybody fairly," he said. "I don't think anybody should have any worries about it.

"If they read through the Koran, there's nothing there that will threaten them or threaten their personal life or property."

What a crock of Kangaroo crap, sharia law DOES NOT treat everyone fairly. Just ask women that have to suffer under their sharia and just ask people of other religions if Islamic law treats everyone fairly, and the answer will be NO!! If Muslims want to live with their barbaric law, let them, but don't try to implement it on us that live under laws based on the civilized Judeo-Christian morals and values.

Mr Minority