Sunday, September 04, 2005

Who's Really to Blame for the Situation in New Orleans? The Liberals, Thats Who!!

After reading this article by Robert Tracinski, the pieces fell together on why the tragedy in New Orleans is not what we expected from Americans. The true cause is that the Left, with it's Welfare System, has created a bunch of hoodlums and people that expect everything from the Gov't and how can't take care of themselves. Mr Tracinski puts all the pieces together:
It has taken four long days for state and federal officials to figure out how to deal with the disaster in New Orleans. I can't blame them, because it has also taken me four long days to figure out what is going on there. The reason is that the events there make no sense if you think that we are confronting a natural disaster.

If this is just a natural disaster, the response for public officials is obvious: you bring in food, water, and doctors; you send transportation to evacuate refugees to temporary shelters; you send engineers to stop the flooding and rebuild the city's infrastructure. For journalists, natural disasters also have a familiar pattern: the heroism of ordinary people pulling together to survive; the hard work and dedication of doctors, nurses, and rescue workers; the steps being taken to clean up and rebuild.

Public officials did not expect that the first thing they would have to do is to send thousands of armed troops in armored vehicle, as if they are suppressing an enemy insurgency. And journalists--myself included--did not expect that the story would not be about rain, wind, and flooding, but about rape, murder, and looting.

But this is not a natural disaster. It is a man-made disaster.

The man-made disaster is not an inadequate or incompetent response by federal relief agencies, and it was not directly caused by Hurricane Katrina. This is where just about every newspaper and television channel has gotten the story wrong.

The man-made disaster we are now witnessing in New Orleans did not happen over the past four days. It happened over the past four decades. Hurricane Katrina merely exposed it to public view.

The man-made disaster is the welfare state.

When you allow people to live off of the Gov't, hold no responsibilities for their own livelihood, so when disaster strikes and the Gov't isn't there immediately to supply them with their daily bread, they revert to whining, looting and murder. It's not the welfare recipients fault, they were raised with this attitude, it's the fault of those that created this system of people expecting everything from the Gov't and having no self initiative. As Robert Tracinski explains it:
What Hurricane Katrina exposed was the psychological consequences of the welfare state. What we consider "normal" behavior in an emergency is behavior that is normal for people who have values and take the responsibility to pursue and protect them. People with values respond to a disaster by fighting against it and doing whatever it takes to overcome the difficulties they face. They don't sit around and complain that the government hasn't taken care of them. They don't use the chaos of a disaster as an opportunity to prey on their fellow men.

But what about criminals and welfare parasites? Do they worry about saving their houses and property? They don't, because they don't own anything. Do they worry about what is going to happen to their businesses or how they are going to make a living? They never worried about those things before. Do they worry about crime and looting? But living off of stolen wealth is a way of life for them.

The welfare state--and the brutish, uncivilized mentality it sustains and encourages--is the man-made disaster that explains the moral ugliness that has swamped New Orleans. And that is the story that no one is reporting.

The Left is to blame for the lawlessness that is raging through New Orleans, not President Bush, but this what the MSM will never tell America, because they are firm believers in the Welfare State. The Left is as much to blame for all of the deaths, as is Hurricane Katrina.

Mr Minority