Friday, September 02, 2005

Muslim Loving Canadians Are In Trouble With The Rest of the Free World

Liberal Canada, land of the Muslim and Gay lovers, is coming under attack from freedom lovers of the rest of the world because Canada is allowing Muslims to enact their barbaric Sharia law for family disputes.
A campaign against Ontario allowing sharia tribunals to resolve family disputes has spread to Europe, where protests are planned for Sept. 8 in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Stockholm.

As many as 89 international groups have spoken out against an Ontario law allowing faith-based arbitration, saying it will create a precedent for religious fundamentalists working to suppress women's rights, and give fodder to political Islamists in Europe who are also lobbying for sharia law to be used to settle family matters.

"A lot of French people cannot believe it, because for us Canada is a country with very good rights for women. It is unbelievable," said Michèle Vianès, president of Regards de femmes, a non-governmental organization in France. "Under sharia, women do not have the same rights as men. Sharia is a bad idea. How is it possible that Canada would back it?"

The issue of sharia-based tribunals in Ontario is causing alarm in Europe, where Muslim feminists fighting for greater equality clash with conservative Muslim groups lobbying for faith-based family law.

How is it that Canada would back it? Because the Canadian Gov't is full of bent over Leftists that don't care about liberties, freedom and rights, that how!! The Leftists have ruined a once great nation with their gun control laws, laws against speaking out against homosexuals, allowing homosexuals to marry and now allowing Muslims to settle family matters using THEIR stone-age laws. It is good to see Canada is catching flack from the rest of the world for this action, and I hope they realize their mistake before the whole country is governed with these racist and sexist laws.

Mr Minority