Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy News - Hit Them Where It Hurts

One of the best ways to battle terrorists is by cutting off their funding, without money these cowards will have a harder time buying explosives to blow themselves up with (although I don't care if they blow themselves up, it's when they kill innocent women and children that I get upset). Now the Palewhinian Authority is having problems with their accounts, they are frozen in the US because they refuse to pay a lawsuit settlement.
While the Palestinian Authority may be gaining control of land in the Gaza Strip following the evacuation of Israeli Jews, it has lost control of its U.S.-based assets – frozen by court order due to the PA's failure to pay a $116 million terrorism judgment.

According to the Boston Globe, Rhode Island attorney David Strachman obtained the court order as part of his representation of children orphaned when their parents were killed in Israel by Palestinian terrorists.

The assets frozen include U.S. holdings in a $1.3 billion Palestinian investment fund meant to finance economic development as well as bank accounts used to pay Palestinian representatives in Washington, D.C.

Also frozen are about $30 million in assets from the Palestinian Monetary Authority, the Palestinian equivalent of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Globe reported.

Strachman also has taken court action to seize the PA's building in New York City that houses its U.N. observer mission.

The attorney says if the Palestinian Authority wants to show the world it is a responsible government, it will pay up.

I think this is great news, the palewhinians get sued, lose, owe $116 million to the children of parents that were killed by these cowards, refuse to pay and now have $1.3 BILLION in assets frozen. This is a set back for the palewhinians because they can't buy as many rockets to kill Jews with. It also makes them look like the cowardly jackals that they are. I pray that the administration stays out of it, ("so sorry Abdul, can't interfere with the law") so these whining squatters either have to pay up, and admit that they are terrorists, or have their assets frozen forever. Yes. I like reading happy news.

Mr Minority