Monday, August 29, 2005

Norwegian Politician Has The Guts to Call It Like It Is

In America, our politicians skirt around the issue of terrorists and their fanatical religion, but in Norway, there is one with the guts to stand up and tell the truth.
Progress Party leader Carl I. Hagen sees the fight against terrorism as a fight against Islam.

"I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, but we have seen that all terrorists are Muslims," Hagen told Aftenposten after an appearance on TV 2 on Thursday, referring to the attacks in London and New York.

Hagen said that comparisons to Northern Ireland and Basque terrorism in Spain were "national conflicts" that did not fit into the picture.

On TV 2's program Hagen said his party wanted tougher measures to battle terrorism, and said that "we must expel people who resist western values and encourage terrorism". Hagen said that measures must be taken against those who spread fear and rejected the idea that his stance might do the same.

"No, no absolutely not. We fight for democracy and freedom of speech," Hagen said.

Mr. Hagen has boiled it down to the simplest terms, "We fight for democracy and freedom of speech." The terrorists hate democracy, the terrorists hate free speech and they hate western values, because all these things are evidence of free-thinking, and don't fit into their barbaric laws and mindset. They want Muslim slaves willing to shuffle along, without thinking and die for their idiotic cause. Mr. Hagen also knows that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim, which says that there is something definitely wrong with their brand of Islam, which spews hatred, racism, barbarism and sexism. He also has the guts to want to expel these backers of terrorism so their message of hate will not infect other Muslims. America needs politicians like Mr. Hagen, because our PC politicians are leaving us open to another attack because of "tolerance", and this next attack will be worse than 9/11. I'd vote for him if I could, Hurray Mr. Hagen, Speaker of the Truth!

Mr Minority