Monday, August 29, 2005

Jesse Jackson, Traitor to His Country

Jesse Jackson was a traitor when he visited Momar Kadafi the Libyan Madman, then visited Saddam Hussien the Iraqi madman both that professed hatred of America, now he is visting Hugo "Mini-Fidel" Chavez, the Venezuelan madman.
CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 28 -- Jesse Jackson offered support for President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela on Sunday, saying that a call for his assassination by a U.S. religious broadcaster was a criminal act and that the United States and Venezuela should work out their differences through diplomacy.

The American civil rights leader condemned last week's suggestion by the television evangelist Pat Robertson that U.S. operatives should kill the leftist Venezuelan leader, calling the statements "immoral" and "illegal."

Chavez has repeatedly accused the Bush administration of planning to overthrow him, and warned Friday that some American leaders had considered killing him. U.S. officials have repeatedly denied such claims.

How many times is Jesse the Con-Man going to visit and aide our enemies? Why does he hate America so much that he would do such a thing? It seems to be all about media exposure, he thrives for the limelight, he has to have the cameras on him at all times. Jesse is never for anyone else, he is just a media whore, it's all about Jesse. Let him kiss up to Hugo, let the nation knows him for what he is - A Traitor!

Mr Minority