Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Navy Maintains It's Reverence

The Air Force Academy has copted out to the ACLU types and has discontinued any type of prayer, but the Navy plans to continue on with it's respect to God.
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- The Naval Academy plans to continue having its chaplains say grace before mandatory lunch for its more than 4,000 midshipmen, despite a policy issued this week by the Air Force to discourage most public prayer.

The Air Force's new policy says prayer "should not usually be included in official settings such as staff meetings, office meetings, classes or officially sanctioned activities."

The Naval Academy is the only U.S. military institution that holds formal prayer at lunch, a ritual that might date to its founding in 1845.

While the Air Force cowers behind it's planes, the Navy is going to continue with it's respectful tradition. Being out on a ship on the ocean, you see and feel the power that the sea has and this puts things into perspective. It is sad to see the Zoomies bend over for the humanists, and it a sad day for Air Force cadets, because they are missing out on something greater than themselves. But what can you expect, the Air Force has only been around for 60 years, as where plying the seas have been around for centuries. Poor Zoomies, straddled with ball-less leadership.

Mr Minority