Monday, September 05, 2005

Another Case of a Liberal Judge Going Against the People

The voters of San Diego made their voices heard and voted to save the Soledad Cross from the Evil Atheists. Now a liberal judge, drunk on power, has placed an injuction on the transfer.
A Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order yesterday barring the city from transferring the Mount Soledad cross to the federal government under the deal voters overwhelmingly approved in San Diego's July special election.

Judge Patricia Yim Cowett's tentative, 34-page ruling in the case questioned the constitutionality of Proposition A. The measure called for the city to hand over the cross to the federal government as part of a national veterans memorial.

Cowett ruled that the "transfer is again an unconstitutional preference of the Christian religion to the exclusion of other religions and non-religious beliefs," in violation of the state constitution.

In addition, she stated that the city's attempt to hand over the land to the federal government without compensation "for the purpose of saving the cross is also an unconstitutional aid to the Christian religion."

Cowett wrote that the memorial has predominantly "a religious purpose," and noted that secular events and adornments at the site were added only after legal challenges were threatened or initiated. This, she wrote, could at worst suggest "a sham secular purpose."

"To maintain the memorial, as it is presently, would demonstrate the government's lack of neutrality as to religion," she ruled, while emphasizing that her decision "does not attempt to, nor does it actually, demonstrate hostility to religion."

Excuse me, since when does the law give you the power to overturn a amendment voted on and APPROVED by the voters of San Diego? Just because you are a flaming anti-Christian Liberal, doesn't mean that you should be able the use the power of your position to overturn the approval of the people. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with the judicial system in America these days, judges making laws and rulings based on their opinions, not the constituion's or the people's will. You should be stripped of your black robe, and road out of town on a rail, you are a disgrace to America and to REAL judges.


Mr Minority