Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday Chuckle - Mr M is Being Blacklisted

I was forwarded the following e-mail from my friend Insider at Independent Sources whom received an e-mail accidently that was meant for me. It is from some "Z" rated Liberal Blog that thinks they are more important than they really are. Check it out:
Mr. Minority:

I'm sure you have heard of Blue Flypaper, the publisher of the nations #1 Liberal Black List (

So you know why we are writing you. If you do not meet our reasonable demands then we will be forced to put you on the Black List and your traffic will plummet.

1. CHANGE the name of your blog to something that isn't offensive.
2. STOP promoting your hateful and mean conservative agenda.

Publish your answer on your blog. I will be checking it out over the next couple of days for your response. Check out the Blue Flypaper blog and you will see that we are SERIOUS!

You've been WARNED!

True Blue

They want a responce, so I sent the following:
Dear Sticky Paper Gathers of Flying Shit Lickers,
I feel compelled to set you straight on a few matters:

1) I have never heard of your liberal comic book blog

2) I will not change the Name of my Blog for you or anyone else, It's my Blog and I am PROUD of it's name.

3) I do not promote HATE, that is the territory of the Left. As for my Conservative agenda, it is NOT mean, it is the only agenda with any thought involved, unlike your brainless, humanistic, self-centered, Liberal agenda.

4) If you think that your blacklisting of my site will have an adverse affect on my traffic, I think you may want to lay off the pot for a while, because it has addled your brain. My site is not trafficked by the idiots of your political persuasion anyway, so there will be NO drop in numbers.

As for you Warning me, and being Serious, Brouhahaha, Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

Have a Nice Day,
Mr Minority

Getting Hate Mail from the Left always makes my day, and getting threatened to be blacklisted is even better. I shall wear their blacklisting as a badge of honor, for when the Left hates you, you know you are doing something right.

Mr Minority

[UPDATE: I have review this "Blue Flypaper" blogsite, and have determined that it is either a very funny satyrical blog, or ran by one of the most naive Lefties that I have ever seen. How anyone can believe the trash that True Blue puts out amazes me. Go ahead and check it out, read some of her tripe, and post a comment to get her hemp woven thong in a wad. And tell her Mr M sent ya!! ]