Monday, August 15, 2005

Doug Powers - What the Liberals Can Do For You!!

Doug Powers commentator for WorldNet Daily, author and funny guy has the pulse of the Left and has created a scenerio of what can happen if the Liberals take over a nice Happy town in Iowa.
The Bay Area Center for Voting Research in California recently examined voting patterns in 237 cities with populations over 100,000, and Detroit, Michigan was ranked as the most liberal city in the nation. Discovering that one of the worst run cities in the United States is also the most liberal is as shocking as watching the sun rise in the east.

Coming in second was Gary, Ind. – which is one of the few cities you can find purely by smell. The third and fourth most liberal cities are Berkeley, Calif., and Washington, D.C. – not coincidentally, Berkeley is where they teach you how to create a city like Detroit, and Washington, D.C., is where it's put into practice.

These places are what happens when liberal theory, brought forth by people I like to call "socially pesky," runs amok, creating an "Area 51" of failed policies that are alien to common sense.

In chapter 11 of my new book, "'Because That's the Way God Decided to Do It!' – A Conservative Father Fields Confusing Questions from His Confused Kids About a Confusing World," I've addressed what happens when even small towns are infiltrated by these "socially pesky." In this case, via an accidental spill. Here's how cities like Detroit are born:

Read his scenerio, because it is so true that it is scarey.

Mr Minority