Monday, August 15, 2005

They Got That One Right!!

The Donks are in a "Whoa is Me" mood, and because of their loses in the last election, they have been trying "to find themselves". They are also trying to bring their "message" to the Red Staters, so they have been polling those in rural areas and Republicans, to which they have received honest opinions of how the Donks are perceived.
WASHINGTON - (KRT) - After their shellacking in November, Democratic politicians promised to do a better job of telling voters about their moral values.

But judging by a candid report last week from key party strategists, Democrats have made little progress presenting themselves in a way that would recapture rural voters or make inroads into Republican turf.

The report by the Democracy Corps, based on interviews in rural areas and Republican-leaning states, offered a further testament to the cultural divide in America that has worked to Republicans' advantage in elections.

In response, several Democratic strategists said they are working to reverse voters' perceptions about the party's core values that have dogged them. The strategists say they see an array of openings caused by GOP shortcomings.

Authors of the study also pointed to openings for Democratic candidates: growing dissatisfaction with the Iraq war, unbridled health care costs and the direction of the nation in general.

But in a withering assessment of their own party, the Democratic pollsters who put out the study raised doubts about whether Democrats can cash in on GOP problems.

"As powerful as concern over these issues is, the introduction of cultural themes - specifically gay marriage, abortion and the importance of the traditional family unit and the role of religion in public life - quickly renders them almost irrelevant in terms of electoral politics on the national level," the authors wrote.

The report notes that Democrats running in next year's mid-term elections begin at a disadvantage with voters in rural areas and "red" states - states captured by the GOP in the presidential election.

"The real problem for Democrats is that their elected officials, and by extension their entire party, are perceived as directionless and divided, standing for nothing other than their own enrichment," the Democratic authors wrote.

"..directionless and divided, standing for nothing other than their own enrichment" is so truthful that I think the Donks will just ignore it like they do with all other truths. One problem with the Donks is, if it doesn't fit within their narrow-minded agenda, then it isn't worth considering, or it is considered evil and needs to be fought. Another problem they have is one of being against everything that is considered Moral by most Americans, also being against everything that the Republicans are for, this makes them look like the whiners and obstructionist that they are. Until the Donks cast off the Hating Left, the Flaming Annoying Gays, the Radical Abortionists, the openly Communist anti-Americans, and return to the party they once were, that exhibited Values and Honor, they are going to continue to lose elections and have problems with the voters. I have no pity for the Donks because they brought it upon themselves, by embracing these radical causes and sucking up to everything nut case out there, so they deserve to be ignored and thought of as selfish opportunists. The Truth Hurts, doesn't it Donk?

Mr Minority