Friday, August 12, 2005

Asshat Ted Rall Gets Busted

The Left's favorite scumbag cartoonist (and a crappy one at that) got slammed for lying in his latest scribbling about how may soldiers have died in Iraq.
NEW YORK Ted Rall has offered a "retraction" of his Aug. 4 cartoon that cited a 9,000 figure -- rather than the commonly used 1,800-plus -- for the number of American soldiers who have died in the Iraq war.

The cartoon with the 9,000 figure (E&P Online, Aug. 8) showed a soldier -- as he helps carry a badly wounded man to a helicopter -- saying: "You don't count as war dead unless you die IN Iraq. If you die in Germany, or even on the plane leaving Baghdad, you're not counted." In the cartoon's final panel, the soldier urges the wounded man to try to stay alive at least until the helicopter takes off.

On Tuesday, Rall wrote in his blog: "I read a story that came off as possible, sourced it using previously reliable informants, and ended up doing a cartoon that I wouldn't have done had I known then what I know now. So this is a retraction of [the] cartoon. Did 9,000-plus soldiers get killed in Iraq? Maybe, maybe not. But as a cartoonist friend of mine points out: The relatives of those hidden 7,000 dead troops sure would be raising hell if the Pentagon were trying to hide them. ...

What a lying sack of Rall, he knew he was lying about the figure, and he knew he catch some flack, he didn't realize that it would be as bad as it was. And his retraction really wasn't a retraction it was more like a "I am sorry I got caught lying, but I may not have lied either". This man is a poorer excuse for a human than a hybrid of Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore. He does have his First Amendment right to draw up stupid cartoons with lying Leftist garbage, and I will honor that right. But if I ever met him in person...

Mr Minority