Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Insignificance or Significance of Man

The other morning I arose early to watch the Perseid meteor shower that was happening across the sky. As I was watching it, it was put in perspective to how small man is compared the whole universe. Staring at the night time sky and imagining the distances between the stars, the vastness of space and the size of each sun that shone brightly tends to make you feel insignificant compared to it all.

If I were a humanist I would feel puny by the immenseness of it all, but since I am a Christian, I feel privileged to know that I am special compared to it all. God created this vast universe, and God in his special love, created man and that makes man very significant in the universe. Out of all the stars and planets that make up this universe, this Earth is special to God. And out of all the people that inhabit this planet, God wants to have a special relationship with me (as he does with you). That does make me feel significant. Man is special, and if we believe in God, we can feel that uniqueness that he has for us. But if you don't believe in God, then you really are reduced to an insignificant portion of the vast universe, and when you die, it's as if you hadn't lived at all, because you really don't matter compared to the stars.

Thank God, that I am a Christian, and not a puny Humanist.

Mr Minority