Friday, August 12, 2005

Dying Dog Turns Out to Be a Pervert

The owners of Breiti, a bull terrier, thought he was sick and dying. But Alas!! He's only perverted!!
German vet who operated on a dog to remove a suspected stomach tumour found a g-string instead.

Claudia Schuermann, head of the Troisdorf animal rescue home, said bull terrier Breiti was handed in after his previous owners complained he ate "anything that wasn't nailed down".

She said: "He's a lovely dog and we had already found him a new home when he stopped eating, and the vet noticed a hard lump in his stomach."

After giving 10-year-old Breiti an ultrasound examination, the vet concluded he had stomach cancer and operated immediately to remove the 'tumour'.

But when the pet was cut open the vet found the cancer was actually an undigested g-string the dog had stolen from his last owners.

Troisdorf worker Christiane Thul-Steinheuer said: "Bull terriers tend to have fetishes. Some like shoes, but with Breiti, it's lacy lingerie. Each to his own."

Thankfully Breiti isn't into leather or latex, he would really be clogged up!!

Mr Minority