Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yeah, Sure the Greedy Donks Care About Their Constituents

The Donks with all their tripe about "caring about the little man" are just greedy liars, and this story demonstrates that.
Sen. Robert J. Mellow, the Democratic leader from Lackawanna County, on Thursday said he regretted the exchange.

"He regrets the tone and words used in the e-mail," said a statement released Mellow's office. "His reply was grounded in the frustration of trying to respond to bulk and spam e-mails from outside his district that distract and divert attention from matters requiring prompt action by him or his staff."

Bill McIntyre, who lives in suburban Harrisburg, had sent out a greeting to lawmakers on the one-month anniversary of the July 7 pay raise they voted for themselves. In the e-mail, McIntyre called the pay raise "pure, unadulterated greed," according to The Patriot-News of Harrisburg.

Mellow responded: "Why don't you get a life? Please do not mail my office another e-mail."

This is the REAL way the Donks feel about the people that they represent. All they want is the power and the people's money and none of the feedback from the their constituents. This Donk is a perfect example, rhetoric and lies about "feeling their pain", "representing the Average Joe" and "we are there for YOU", when in fact they are only in it for themselves. Greedy, power hungry, lying sacks of bovine excretement is what they truely are.

Mr Minority