Friday, July 15, 2005

Sanity Reined in Idiot Illegal Aliens Lawsuit

In America's sue happy society you can expect to see some outrageous law suits for idiot reasons, but to sue the Dept. of Interior because they wouldn't let a bunch of bleeding hearts put up water stations for illegal aliens is one of the worst suits I've seen in a while. Although it was dismissed, it wasn't dimissed for the right reasons.
TUCSON, Ariz. A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the Department of the Interior by the families of eleven illegal immigrants who died crossing the Arizona desert.

A federal judge in Tucson dismissed the lawsuit yesterday.

The families filed the wrongful-death suit in May 2003 saying federal border policies forced immigrants into harsh terrain.

It accuses officials of refusing to allow a humanitarian group to place water stations in the Cabeza Prieta (cah-BAY'-sah pre-ET'-uh) National Wildlife Refuge.

The eleven were among 14 who died in May 2001 in the refuge.

In dismissing the case, the judge says the decision on whether to allow water stations was a discretionary policy decision, and the court lacked jurisdiction to rule in such cases.

The real reason it should have been dismissed is because these people were committing a criminal act by illegally entering the US, and they were the cause of their own death, not the Dept. of Interior. The bleeding hearts can complain all they want, we are not required to do anything for people trying to enter our country illegally. I see nowhere in the Constitution that specifies that we are to aid criminals in the act of committing a crime. Let me check again, nope, it's not there. If anyone is responsible, it should be the bleeding hearts, because they are encouraging people to cross the desert, because they know that there will be water waiting for them at a specific point. The more we inform the people wanting to cross over, that they have a great chance of dying, the better chance we have of discouraging them to attempt it. The bleeding hearts, the ACLU and the lax policies of the Federal Gov't are the ones that are attributing to the death of those making the attempts. If we enforced the laws on the books, tightened the border security and did all in our power to stop illegal crossings, then we may actually save many lives that would be lost in crossing the desert. I am sorry that people die trying to enter the US illegally, but they are the ones that are to blame for their own deaths, not America.

Mr Minority