Friday, July 15, 2005

Muslims Condemning Muslims

With the London bombings, there has even more scrutiny on those Muslims that are preaching terrorism. But we are also now hearing more from those Muslims that are condemning the Islamic Terrorists.
( - The nation's largest Islamic civil rights group plans to launch a public relations campaign on Thursday, to tell Americans that terrorism is incompatible with their religion.

At a news conference in Washington, D.C., the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will unveil public service announcements, to be aired nationwide, highlighting the Muslim community's condemnation of terrorism and rejection of those who carry out terror attacks.

The campaign is called "Not in the Name of Islam," and it includes an Arabic-subtitled version of the 30-second public service announcement.

"We often hear claims Muslims don't condemn terrorism and that Islam condones violence," American Muslims say in the ad.

"As Muslims, we want to state clearly that those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam are betraying the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. We reject anyone \- of any faith -- who commits such brutal acts and will not allow our faith to be hijacked by criminals.

"Islam is not about hatred and violence. It's about peace and justice."

The PSA campaign ties into CAIR's "Not in the Name of Islam" online petition drive, an effort launched in May 2004 to disassociate Islam from the violent acts of Muslims.

The petition says, "We, the undersigned Muslims, wish to state clearly that those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam are not only destroying innocent lives, but are also betraying the values of the faith they claim to represent. No injustice done to Muslims can ever justify the massacre of innocent people, and no act of terror will ever serve the cause of Islam. We repudiate and dissociate ourselves from any Muslim group or individual who commits such brutal and un-Islamic acts. We refuse to allow our faith to be held hostage by the criminal actions of a tiny minority acting outside the teachings of both the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him."

I have disagreed with several things that CAIR has said and done before, but this condemnation of Muslim Terrorist is a big check mark in the plus column for them. To counteract the radical Muslims that encourage terrorist acts, we need to hear more from the peaceful Muslims. When they remain silent, it implies acceptance, but with a boisterous condemnation, we see that not all Muslims accept the radical ideology of the Islamofacists. Not only should they speak out against the radicals, but they also need to start trying to expose the terrorists and their plots to harm the innocent. When we see Muslims turning in other Muslims to the police for terrorist plots, before anyone is harmed, then we will truly see that not all Muslims are terrorist or buy into the "kill the infidel" ideology. I am glad to see Muslims condemning Muslims, because it does demonstrate to me that they want to live peacefully with other cultures.

Mr Minority