Wednesday, July 13, 2005

When Will We Ever Learn?

My boss just tossed the latest copy of Electronic Business on my desk, and the main article in big bold letters is: China: The Next R&D Superpower? When I saw that all I could do was shake my head in disgust and thought to myself; When will we ever learn.

Until Pres. Nixon opened the gates to Red China, it was a technology backwards agrarian society ran by ruthless dictatorial Communist Gov't. Since that time, America has whored itself to Red China just to gain access into it's markets. I am a capitalist, and proud of it, but with capitalism, should come moral responsibility. American businesses moved large portions of their manufacturing to Red China, and now the Chinese are using American manufacturing techniques and processes to build their own companies and products. When will we ever learn? The Number #1 offender of Intellectual Property piracy is Red China. When will we ever learn? Ex-Pres. Clinton sold military technology to the ChiComs for financial help in his re-election, now the Red Chinese have been able to advance their nuclear missile strike accuracy by 100%. When will we ever learn? And now that they have stolen and conned us out of our high technology, they are fixing to overcome us in the market place. When will we ever learn?

The general public has been fed a load of Bruhaha into thinking that the Red Chinese are our friends, when this couldn't be further from the truth. Their Gov't is not a democracy, it is still a Totalitarian Oppressive Communist Gov't that want to dominate it's neighbors and the world. The idea that if we are tied too closely to Red China economically, that they will not want to directly confront America, is an absurd notion and is one that has been expounded by Liberals and moderate conservatives both. Their concerns are not for the people (look at how they still oppress their own), their concerns are not for getting along with other nations (see how they threaten Taiwan) and their concerns are not with free trade (see how they steal American IP, patents and software piracy), they are for domination.

To answer my own question "When will we ever learn?", unfortunately, the answer seems to be - When it's too late!

Mr Minority