Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Left & MSM Feeding Frenzy All For Nothing

The Left and MSM have been worse than dung beetles in a fresh pile of cow manure when it comes to Karl Rove. They are throwing wild accusations, calling for his head and insisting that he is behind the outing of Valerie Plame, as always they are throwing dirt at the wrong person.
Plamegate special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had told top White House advisor Karl Rove that he's not a target of his investigation into who leaked the identity of CIA analyst Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak.

And Fitzgerald has also asked the top Bush aide not to discuss the case in public.

Speaking to National Review Online's Byron York late Tuesday, Rove attorney Robert Luskin said Fitzgerald "has told Rove he is not a 'target' of the investigation" - despite media reports suggesting otherwise.

Fitzgerald has also made it clear, however, that virtually anyone whose conduct falls within the scope of the investigation, including Rove, is considered a "subject" of the probe, Luskin told York.

"'Target' is something we all understand, a very alarming term," he added.

For two days straight, the White House press corps has obsessed over Rove's supposed guilt, pummeling Bush spokesman Scott McClellan with dozens of questions about the top Bush aide's role in the cse.

Former Reagan Justice Department official Mark Levin told York last night that Luskin's revelation made a big difference. "He is not a target, which is quite different from a subject," Levin said on his WABC radio show. "I know what a target is . . . the prosecutors are chasing you."

"If he's not a target, what the hell is the media up to" by making Rove the focus of their questions, Levin asked?

Luskin also told York that Rove has not spoken publicly, "because Fitzgerald specifically asked him not to."

The Left and MSM have never let the facts stand in the way of trying to bring down a Republican, no, they just go on their witch hunt screaming and yelling and hoping to generate a negative impression of the President and those close to him. As Patrick Fitzgerald said, Rove is not the target, they have someone else in mind as to who the leaker is, but that doesn't stop the Left from going madder than a rat with it's tail on fire. They will keep screaming for Rove's head long after the real leaker has been exposed, because to them, Karl Rove is the architect of their lose, ignoring the facts that the people think that they are losers and jerks. I would pity them, if I didn't despise them so much.

Mr Minority