Saturday, July 09, 2005

What a Waste of Money

The Bleeding Heart G8 decided to waste $50 Billion on Africa and $9 Billion on the Palewhinians!
GLENEAGLES, Scotland — World leaders on Friday concluded an economic summit shaken by terrorism, offering an "alternative to the hatred" - a $50 billion aid package for Africa and up to $9 billion in additional support for the Palestinians over the next three years.

"It is in the nature of politics that we do not achieve absolutely everything we hope to achieve, but nonetheless I believe we have made very substantial progress indeed," Blair told reporters at a closing news conference.

With a last-minute pledge from Japan, Blair won a key victory, announcing that aid to Africa would rise from the current $25 billion annually to $50 billion by 2010. The United States did not make any additional pledges beyond Bush's announcement last week that he would seek to double U.S. aid to Africa by 2010.

Blair lost his push to get all summit countries to commit to boosting foreign aid to an amount equal to 0.7 percent of national income by 2015. Instead, a summit document said the European Union had agreed to that support but did not mention the United States.

President Bush had refused to be bound by the 0.7 percent target. The United States is currently giving 0.16 percent of national income, the smallest percentage of any of the G-8 countries.

"If we implement this, we will make poverty history," Blair told reporters.

At a separate news conference, French President Jacques Chirac said finding new ways to finance rich country support for Africa was crucial. He put in a plug for his idea to have all countries levy a new tax on international airline tickets to support poverty relief. The United States opposes this idea.

President Bush is the only smart one of the bunch; he knows what a waste on money it will be. This money won't help those in Africa that need it, it will only go into the pockets of the African Dictators and Warlords. As for giving $9B to the Palewhinians, there is no way I would give them a wooden shekel, let alone 9 Billion dollars!! All they will do with the money is buy more rockets and explosives in which to kill innocent Israeli women and children. As for Jacques the Chicken Hearted, he can kiss my Red, White and Blue Ass before I let that Terrorist Loving, Snail Eating, Iraqi Children Starving Fwenchman tax ME!! This stunt is good PR for these wanker heads of state, but it's us poor taxpayers that are going to suffer to make them look good. If they want to really make an improvement in Africa, they would put a 9mm into the heads of all the Mugambes and other greedy bastards in Africa starving their people, while they dine on lobster, and then they would waste the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist bastards that are killing Jews while their people are unemployed and starving. That is the way to be cost effective, not throwing money at the problem.

Mr Minority