Friday, July 08, 2005

al Qaeda is Behind the Attacks, But Who is Safe From Them? Fwance of Course!!

The cowardly al Qaeda has claimed the attacks on the peaceful people of London, and they are threatening Italy and Denmark too.
( - A group called "the Secret Organization of al Qaeda in Europe" released a letter claiming responsibility for Thursday's bombings in London. The group warned that Denmark and Italy would face the "same punishment" if they failed to withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

These killers of the innocent have attacked the US, Spain and now England. And they are threatening to attack Italy and Denmark if they don't withdraw their troops. But have you noticed that there never has been a threat against Fwance? Could it be because Fwance has a very large Muslims population? Could it be because Fwance is too chicken to send troops to help ex-enslaved countries achieve democracy? Could it be because Fwance has whored themselves to Arab countries so badly that they would never do anything to hurt their paycheck? Or could it be because Fwance is so anti-Semitic, that they don't qualify to be Zionists? Whatever the reason, I wouldn't expect Fwance to ever be attacked, because they have their lips so permanently attached Terrorist Muslim's butts that Muslims would be hurting themselves if they attacked Fwance. Pray that Italy and Denmark don't cave in to these Islamofacists, and pray that Fwance wakes up to see who their Arab friend truly are and the cowardly acts that they perform. But then again, I wouldn't put much faith in Fwance doing anything other than what they think is best for themselves.


Mr Minority