Thursday, July 07, 2005

sHillary the Crack Smoker

sHillary has to be smoking crack, otherwise her idea of giving aid to North Korea is just the delusions of a madman.
In a preview of her strategy for handling terrorist states, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is urging a brand new aid package for North Korea in the hope of persuading brutal dictator Kim Jong Il to scuttle his nuclear weapons program.

In a Washington Post op-ed piece co-authored with Sen. Carl Levin on Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton blamed President Bush for bungling the nuclear face-off.

Hillary suggested that her husband's approach had been much more successful, noting that "North Korea has apparently used the past five years to become a nuclear weapons state" and now has "many times the number of nuclear weapons it did before the Bush administration took office."

Mrs. Clinton recommended that President Bush follow the example set by his predecessor, and pledge to give North Korea a massive aid package.

Yep it has to be crack, or maybe sHillary has taken some bad acid. Why would a sane person want America to give aid to North Korea? That was tried before by her dope smoking husband, and what did it get us? North Korean Nuclear Weapons, that's what! She blames the Nork's nukes on Bush, when it was her cigar weilding hubby that allowed them to be built. Take Nancy Reagen's advice, sHillary - Just Say No to Crack!!

Mr Minority