Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Donks are Throwing Up Ridiculous Roadblocks

Even before President Bush has nominate a person to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, the Donks are rushing to the media, spewing, obstructing and throwing up ridiculous qualifiers for this person. Like Donk Sen. Charles "I Like Terrorists" Schumer and his "Gay Marriage" inquisition.
Leading Senate Judiciary Democrat Charles Schumer said Sunday that he intends to make gay marriage an issue in the upcoming confirmation battle over President Bush's pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

"All questions are legitimate," Schumer told ABC's "This Week." "What is your view on Roe vs. Wade? What is your view on gay marriage?"

"They are going to try to get away with the idea that we're not going to know their views," Schumer complained. "But that's not going to work."

The top Democrat's mention of same-sex marriage in the same breath as his party's primary litmus test issue, abortion, raised a few eyebrows.

The Donks are not going to vote for anyone that President Bush nominates, unless it is Ted "Let Her Drown" Kennedy, and that ain't gonna happen! The Donks are proposing litmus tests of the most liberal policies that they can drag out of the sewer, and unless the nominee passes all of their "tests and questions" they are going to squeal and fight like two year olds that don't get their way. President Bush and the Republicans in the Senate need to point out to the Donks, right up front, that if they pull this kinds of crap, the Nuclear Option will be implemented and they lose. This is going to get nasty and very political, and the Donks are going to lose more political capital.

Mr Minority