Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In the Frivolous Law Suit Department

It appears now that America is not the only country that has a problem with frivolous law suits, Russia is now trying to compete with America in this department.
NASA's mission that sent a space probe smashing into a comet raised more than cosmic dust - it also brought a lawsuit from a Russian astrologer.

Marina Bai has sued the U.S. space agency, claiming the Deep Impact probe that punched a crater into the comet Tempel 1 late Sunday "ruins the natural balance of forces in the universe," the newspaper Izvestia reported Tuesday. A Moscow court has postponed hearings on the case until late July, the paper said.

Bai is seeking damages totaling 8.7 billion rubles ($300 million) - the approximate equivalent of the mission's cost - for her "moral sufferings," Izvestia said, citing her lawyer Alexander Molokhov. She earlier told the paper that the experiment would "deform her horoscope."

I'd say this woman's horoscope is not the only thing "deformed". How do you respond to idiotic suits like this? Bring in other wacky astrologers as an expert witnesses for the defense? Or make her prove her claim, that the natural balance of the universe is ruined? This woman would have a better chance of recovering money if she spilled a cup of hot coffee in her lap, than getting any money from NASA. Some people are really wacked in the head, in fact she would make a great Donk!

Mr Minority