Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

Two-Hundred and Twenty Nine years ago, a group of brave men signed a document that would forever change the world. These men, people like you and me, doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, merchants, men with families, risked all that they had and their lives for an idea more powerful than a single person's life. They were going to fight for Freedom from a tyrannical Gov't that was unjustly ruling and ruining their lives. Because of these brave men who signed this most important document, we can live in a country like no other on earth. We enjoy the freedoms that they fought and won for, so let us not squalor these freedoms or have them taken away from us.

As I posted on the Declaration of Independence in the first of my Liberty!! series, these men wrote one of the greatest documents ever written by man, the words they wrote down on that piece of parchment had the ability to stir the soul and well up the urge for freedom and liberty.

We owe our freedoms and liberties to these brave and moral men, that took this great leap of faith in their fellow colonists, that all would want freedom from an unjust Gov't and King. Today we celebrate Independence Day, and we should honor those that made it happen, those brave an moral men that signed the Declaration of Independence, fought in the American Revolutionary War, and those that have fought every war since to ensure that America stays free.

Long Live the United States of America!!

Happy 4th of July

Mr Minority