Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Mainline Protestant Church Bites the Dust and Goes Anti-Israel To Boot!!

The United Church of Christ went bad the other day when they agreed to allow Gay Marriages, and then to top it off they turned pro-Palewhinian.
While many people were aware that the United Church of Christ voted earlier this week to endorse same-sex marriage, they may have missed another controversial decision made at the biennial conference of the 1.3 million member US church. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that in the closing minutes of the conference on Tuesday, attendees approved a resolution that called for members "to use 'economic leverage' to promote peace between Israel and Palestinians."

The Washington Post reports, however, that the group did reject resolutions calling for "divestment in companies that supply Israel with bulldozers and military equipment." The approved resolution did call for the dismantling of what Israel calls a security barrier and what critics have called an 'apartheid fence.'

What a bunch of idiotic hypocrites!! To say that they want to "promote peace between Israel and Palestinians" by using economic leverage against Israel, when it is the Palewhinians that are not being peaceful!! And as for the 'apartheid fence', how else are the Israelis suppose to keep the cowardly suicide bombers from killing the innocent? When a mainline Protestant church starts allowing gay marriages and backs the palewhinians, then you know that the Liberals have taken over that church, and it has started it's death spiral into anonymity. The United Church of Christ has now joined the Presbyterians, Methodists and Episcopalians in turning away from God's word and embracing secularism. It's a sad day in the Protestant Church when another one bites the dust.

Mr Minority