Thursday, July 14, 2005

Histrionics and Hypocracy From The Donks

The Donks are in a worse feeding frenzy, than a pool full of piranha watching a dangling toe in the water above them, over the "assumed" outing of Valerie Plame by the "Evil" Karl Rove. Not only are they calling for him to be fired, but they want his Security Clearance yanked.

Thu Jul 14 2005 11:15:02 ET

White House Should Suspend Deputy Chief of Staff's Security Clearance Information While Investigation is Pending, Until Plame Leak Is Resolved

In Light Of Time Reporter Matt Cooper's Confirmation That Rove Was a Source In the Leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame's Identity, Schumer and Wilson Call For Suspension of Rove's Security Clearance

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer and Ambassador Joseph Wilson will hold a press conference at 3:00pm TODAY, July 14, 2005 in the Mansfield Room of the U.S. Capitol to call for the suspension of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove' security clearance until the investigation of the leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame's identity is resolved.

Israel S. Klein
Communications Director
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer

Let us put a few things in perspective here. First - Karl Rove is NOT the main target of the Special Prosecutor's probe as I posted yesterday.
Plamegate special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had told top White House advisor Karl Rove that he's not a target of his investigation into who leaked the identity of CIA analyst Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak.

And Fitzgerald has also asked the top Bush aide not to discuss the case in public.

Nor, if Rove was the one that outed the traitorous bastard Joe Wilson's wife Valerie Plame, was what he did, illegal.
Democrat leaders and editorialists accusing Karl Rove of treason for referring to CIA agent Valerie Plame in an off-the-record interview are ignorant of the law, according to the Washington attorney who spearheaded the legislation at the center of the controversy.

Plame's circumstances don't meet several of the criteria spelled out in a 1982 statute designed not only to protect the identity of intelligence agents but to maintain the media's ability to hold government accountable, Victoria Toensing told WorldNetDaily.

Toensing – who drafted the legislation in her role as chief counsel for the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – says the Beltway frenzy surrounding Plame's alleged "outing" as a covert agent is a story arising out of the capital's "silly season."

Now that we have debunked the Donk's histrionics over outing Valerie Plame, let's expose the hypocrisy of the Donks by examining a couple of recent security violation performed by the Donks themselves.

We have Sen. Harry Reid leaking a FBI Report on Judicial nominee Henry Saad

And then we have Sandy "In My Pants" Berger, who STOLE Top Secret documents from the National Archives, and plead GUILTY. Why don't the Donks scream and yell about these two violations?

In fact Sandy Berger appears to be getting off easy for his CRIME against America.
Sentencing for former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, who pleaded guilty in April to stealing and destroying top secret terrorism documents from the National Archives, has been delayed, has learned.

After Justice Department prosecutor Noel Hillman allowed Berger to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, he requested what some consider an extraordinarily light sentence given the gravity of the crime - a $10,000 fine, a three-year suspension of Berger's security clearance and no jail time.

A fine and no jail time?!?!?! Why aren't the Donks screaming about this? Sandy is a REAL criminal, that should be in jail playing butt badminton with Brutus the Donkey Rapist.

The histrionics and hypocrisy of the Donks is pure nasty, dirty, low-down, below-the-belt politics, because they are LOSERS and they know it. Their pride is in the sewer, like their morals, and the only way they feel that they can regain power is to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL their way back in. When this is all said and done, I expect the Donks to end up with egg on their faces, and have alienated the American public, again.

Mr Minority