Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sen. Joe Biden, Another Donk Crack Smoker

What is with the Donks and their smoking of crack? The smoking of crack by these idiotarian Lefties can be the only answer to some of the off the wall demands that they have been making lately, like this one from the Deluded Delaware Donk Joe Biden.
( - With many people expecting a pitched Senate battle over President Bush's U.S. Supreme Court nominee, one Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is arguing for a nominee who would receive unanimous support.

Despite recent battles between President Bush and Senate Democrats over the president's nominations to lower federal court positions, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) prefers to look back at the confirmation vote of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in 1981.

O'Connor, whose retirement has caused the current vacancy on the court, was approved by the Senate by a 99-0 vote. Biden has established a website that asks concerned citizens to "please join me in encouraging President Bush to select a Supreme Court nominee who, like Justice [Sandra Day] O'Connor, will receive unanimous support in the Senate."

Biden has to be on drugs or out of his mind to expect an unanimous vote for any nominee, liberal or conservative. No Way Jose!! This appointment is too important to let the Donks pressure President Bush into nominating a "centralist" or a anyone that he thinks the Donks may like. The nominee has to be someone that will strictly follow the Constitution, not interpret it based on how they feel that day. The Donks are waging a political battle with insane expectations and insane rhetoric, because they know that they are going to come up on the short end of the stick in the end, and they deserve to lose this one! And the next one and the next....

Mr Minority