Friday, July 15, 2005

Retreat = Weakness = More Killing

Israel has been trying to make peace with the Hating Palewhinians, but it takes both parties to acheive a lasting peace. And do the palewhinians want a lasting peace? NO!! In fact the to the palewhinians, a retreat is a sign of weakness, and as we can expect, they are going to capitalize on this assumed weakness, by being more barbaric. And that is want they propose to do, as announced by the cowardly Hamas.
Gaza City ( - The scheduled withdrawal of Israeli communities from the Gaza Strip is a defeat for Israel, and the armed conflict that led to that "defeat" will continue until Israel leaves all of the West Bank and Israel, a senior Hamas leader said in an interview with Cybercast News Service.

...Zahar is a surgeon who once taught at an Islamic university, he said. Far from being grateful for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, Zahar said the process needs to continue -- until Jews also leave the entire West Bank and all of Israel.

"They are going to leave [Gaza], not because this is a gift from Israel. This is because they failed to confront our people, so don't describe their withdrawal from a gift for the Palestinians," Zahar said in an interview at his home in Gaza. "This is because they are defeated here."

Israel can expect an increase in the cowardly attacks by these palewhinian slime. They have no plan for peace, it's give me everything and get out, to them. Israel's biggest mistake was to cave under international pressure, and even American pressure, to allow the palewhinians back into Israeli land. And being the lice that they are, they have now infested it and demand more. The only cure can be, wipe out the infestation (Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others Israel Haters) and take in those palewhinians that truely want a peace with Israel. Because if they keep playing the "Land for Peace" game, they are going to lose, because the palewhinians are not going to play by the rules or play fair. The Oslo Accords, the Camp David agreement are just shams, and I am disgusted that my country had anything to do with either. Israel must stand up for itself, and the hell with international pressure and the whining of the appeaseniks.

Mr Minority