Monday, January 28, 2008

Good & Bad News

I am in a conundrum about the Left's enlightenment about sHillary.
( - As the Clinton campaign battles the Obama campaign in the Democratic presidential primaries, more and more observers on the political left are criticizing the Clintons for being dishonest and deceitful -- claims that once were lodged mostly by the political right.

This is Good News, because finally the Left acknowledges something that we conservatives knew since '92. And it is Bad News, because it may keep sHillary from winning the nomination. And I want sHillary to win because she would be easier to beat than B. Hussein Obama.

The name "Clinton" is synonymous with dirty tricks, lying and power hungry politician. The Left knew it, but since they were their own, they didn't care, but now that sHillary is pulling the same tricks on Obama, they are willing to admit it.

OH Well, What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Mr Minority

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