Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bailing Out of Commieland

Venezuela used to be a prosperous South American country, but with Crazy Hugo at the helm, it is rapidly sinking into a 3rd World Commie hellhole.

Chavez has taken control of the banking, oil & gas industries, farming, ranching, imposed fixed market pricing on food stuff, and generally taken a thriving economy and flushed it. All because he wants to be like his butt buddy, Fidel. And Cuba is such a model country to emulate.

So when things like that start happening, you are going to lose the best and brightest people, and they seem to like Florida.
President Hugo Chavez’s imposition of a socialist state in Venezuela has driven an increasing number of his countrymen to leave their homeland and settle in Florida.

The Venezuelan community in the U.S. has grown more than 94 percent during this decade, from 91,507 in 2000 — the year after Chavez took office — to 177,866 in 2006, according to U.S. Census data.

Many of those Venezuelans have settled in South Florida, the closest U.S. point to their former country and already the home of a substantial Hispanic community.

So many Venezuelans have moved to Weston, Fla., a suburb west of Fort Lauderdale, that some are calling it Westonzuela, the New York Times reported.

Most of the latest arrivals are from the middle and upper classes in Venezuela as Chavez has consolidated his power and sought to impose greater state control over many parts of the economy. Some have established legal residency, while others are in the U.S. illegally.

With the exodus of the best, Venezuela will end up like Cuba, with a Commie upper class kissing the butt of Chavez, and a very poor lower class, poorly educated and can't really serve the function a good middle class does.

Chavez has ruined Venezuela, and I don't know if the country could recover from his draconian socialist rule, even if the people were to oust him today.

Venezuela's lose is our gain.

Mr Minority