Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Will Miss Him

No, I am not talking about Heath Ledger, the gay cowboy from Brokeback Mountain, I am talking about Fred!

I am very sorry to see Fred! dropped out of the GOP race, he and his conservatism will be sorely missed.

And I am not going to play the blame game, I am not going to say he entered the race too late, his campaigned was disorganized, the MSM ignored him, other can and will play this game, but I won't.

I will say that if anybody is to blame, it is the public and the Republican Party. The voting public are too stupid to realize that Fred! was the only true conservative running. And the evangelicals (which I am one) were too stupid in their support of the Huckster, and the Beltway Republicans are too stupid in their support of McCain.

Now that Fred! is gone, I will have to rank the remaining candidates that I will support:

1 - Mitt Romney

2 - Rudy

3 - Johnny Mac

1,289 - The Huckster

1.4456 E12 - Ron Paul

I am very disappointed.

Mr Minority

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