Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The MSM and the Presidential Election

The job of the news media is to report the news, but as we all know that is not the case, they include their own bias (left, left and more left). They skew the news through omission of facts, addition of incorrect facts, or just plain and blatant lefty bias.

And this is very evident this election season in how they treat the candidates.

Hillary is loved by the MSM, what ever she says is the truth, and any harmful facts are ignored. Just look at how the MSM is not talking about the just released HillaryCare papers, showing the secret and conspiracy like agenda she had in trying to force her brand of socialism down our throats. Where is the outrage from the MSM? Nowhere! The MSM wants Hillary to win because, she is a Clinton and because she is a woman. Which neither are good reasons to have her in the White House.

There are some in the MSM that have fallen for the Obama-Messiah and say Amen! to every word he utters. Again it is because he is a flaming Liberal, and most of all because he is Black. Again, not good reasons.

And how do they treat the Republicans? Like people that are a nuisance, and getting in the way of electing the first Woman or Black man to the Presidency.

They are enthralled with the Huckster, because they know he would lose in the General election. And the same goes with Johnny Mac. They ignore Fred! because he has a great chance to beat either Obama or Hillary, and they never talk about his positions on the issues, just his "lack of fire" for campaigning.

This election, more than any other in the past will be shaped by the bias of the MSM, and thank God that the internet can overcome some of the bias, but not it all.

Wait and see, that is what I am going to do for right now.

Mr Minority

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