Monday, January 21, 2008

Mental Illnesses of the Left

For the last decade, mental illnesses that are peculiar to the Left have abound. We have BDS & CDS (Bush and Cheney Derangement Syndrome) and PETS (Post Election Traumatic Syndrome) and now thanks to the Goracle and his eco-minions we have EA (Eco-Anxiety).
NORTH CAROLINA -- Former Vice President Al Gore isn’t the only one concerned about the environment, as more and more people are starting to become aware of global warming and experiencing ‘eco-anxiety.’

"People are afraid of the future, they're afraid of what's going to happen,” said licensed therapist Melissa Pickett, saying of one patient, "She brought up during the course of our session that she had just read an article about the polar bears and the loss of habitat and she started crying … she said 'I just don't understand this.'"

Pickett said fears about the environment are sending some people into a panic. The mental health disorder has grown enough to gain the ‘eco-anxiety’ name.

That is what happens we you drink the tainted kool-aide of the "Global Warming" cult, you suffer anxiety attacks from the thought that you are going to burn up or drown.

The Left is mentally unstable to begin with, and add the idea that not everyone is driving a metrosexual hybrid car, not everyone recycles and that people are actually still burning coal and wood to heat their home is enough to drive these Leftards over the edge into EA.

And what is worse is this:
Children can also suffer from anxiety over the planet. Experts suggest getting them involved in a recycling program or planting a garden.

Their eco-anxiety is being transferred to our children!

Do I feel sorry for them? No!

Do I pity them? No!

I feel they need to be institutionalized so as to protect the public from the dangers of their mental illness.


Mr Minority

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