Friday, January 25, 2008

Too Much Appeasement

A film by the a Dutchman, Geert Wilders, is sparking a lot of anxiety. Even Homeland Security is worried.
The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI Wednesday circulated a report on the expected release of a 10-minute anti-Islam film by Dutch far-right Party for Freedom Founder and Chairman Geert Wilders, which is expected to spark global protests and raises the possibility of violence in Europe.

The DHS/FBI report was published in anticipation of a Friday release of the film; however, Wilders himself told a Dutch newspaper yesterday that he needs at least two more weeks to finish the film. So far, no one has seen even as single pre-release frame of the film.

The DHS/FBI report follows weeks of speculation on the reactions to the film that continues to gain momentum in overseas media and online outlets. The DHS/FBI report states clearly in its headline and key findings section that "the film is unlikely to incite violence in the United States but may provoke protests overseas."


Why the bruhahaha? Are people scared that Muslim will go on another wild killing, rioting rampage?

For being a "Religion of Peace", they sure are a violent bunch.

But my question of "why" is not "why are they going to riot", it is "why are people so concern and wanting to appease Muslims?"

Why are people so worried Muslims are going to riot? Bang a few heads and maybe they will get the idea that rioting over such innocuous slights may not be worth it. And if Muslims want to join the rest of human civilization, they would forget the slights and act like humans, not animals.

There is too much appeasement to Muslims, way too much.

Mr Minority