Monday, December 10, 2007

First They Came for Our SUVs, and We Did Nothing, Then They Came for Our Lightbulbs, and Again We Did Nothing, Now They Want Our Children

As I have been saying for years, the "Global Warming" scare is not about saving the planet, it is about control. Control of economies, control over businesses, and now they want control over lives!
( - Having babies is bad for the planet, and parents of more than two children should be charged a birth levy and annual tax to offset the "greenhouse gases" their child will be responsible for over his or her lifetime.

At the same time, those who use and prescribe contraceptives and sterilization procedures should earn tax relief for such greenhouse friendly services" that help to keep the population size down.

These proposals, by an Australian academic, were published in the country's leading medical journal on Monday.

Save the Planet! That is their motto, save the planet from something that has not been proven, that the debate is still raging about, and about which man is not the cause of the problem. Either these people are sententiously stupid or their concern is not the planet but control of lives is their main goal so as to feed their enormous power hungry egos. And I believe the movement is made up of both.

Population control, excessive taxation, if these ideas aren't ideas of a socialist dictatorship, then I don't what are.

Save the Planet!! Tax and sterilize the Chicken Littles!!

Mr Minority