Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Does Religion Matter in the Presidential Race?

There is much being said about Mitt Romney being a Mormon, and Huckabee being a Baptist minister, but does their religion really matter? Does a person need to be a certain religion to be President?

I believe no.

I believe that our President need to exhibit the moral values of Christianity and Judaism, but not necessarily be a specific denomination of Christianity, Mormonism or Judaism.

I also don't believe that secular humanists or moral relativists should be President, because they have no real moral standards, and we already had a President with no morals in Bubba Clinton. And look how well he turned out for America.

I don't believe that a Muslim should be President, because their standards are barbaric, they believe in Sharia Law, to them their religion holds a higher authority than their commitment to their country and that not what America wants or needs to guide it.

So Romney's Mormonism would not prevent me from voting for him, because Mormon have very high moral standards, and Huckabee's evangelical background is not necessarily an automatic vote getter either.

I will support the candidate that has the morals I deem important, but more importantly, they support the positions that I do such as tough on ILLEGAL immigration, the War on Terrorism, small Gov't, Federalism, fiscally conservative, and not a dupe for the Global Warming Myth.

So Romney being a Mormon doesn't matter really, but his convenient change to conservatism does, and Huckabee being a Evangelical, such as I am, doesn't sway me because I don't agree with his pro-ILLEGAL immigration or his tax and spend positions.

They are not my candidates, and it is not for religious reasons.

Mr Minority

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