Monday, September 12, 2005

Confab of the Third World Dictators

What do you get when you mix a African Dictator and a Caribbean Dictator? A sham of WWE proportions. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's Head wack job, flew to Cuba to rub elbows with Fidel Castro.
ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe landed in Havana overnight for an official three-day visit with President Fidel Castro.

Mugabe and his entourage will meet with Castro and other officials and will visit places of "historical and scientific interest," according to official sources.

The weekend visit to the island will be the African leader's sixth, the most recent having been in 2002.

He immediately fulfilled a promise, made by his spokesman in Harare, to use the trip to commiserate with his Cuban colleague about US influence over the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, saying that Zimbabwe would never be a friend of the IMF because it worked on behalf of the powerful and did not give real assistance to the needy.

Mugabe said he and Castro would share ideas on dealing with what he called imperialist policies.

They will visit places of "historical and scientific interest," Snicker, Snort and Gufaw!! What are they going to visit, a poorly ran sugar cane plantation? or maybe the old missle silos left by the Russians? These two clowns are really bad TV, they remind me of out of shape, third rated wrestlers playing in podunkville trying to impress a bored crowd. Hell, why doesn't Hugo Chavez join them, then you would have the Communist version of the Three Stooges. What a joke, or as Bugs Bunny sez "What a bunch of Maroons"

Mr Minority