Monday, September 12, 2005

Nancy "Where's My Meds!?" Pelosi - Weighs in on the the Blame Game

Yes, Nancy is off the meds that keep her from hallucinating again, and instead of seeing purple elephants and little green men, she is seeing a "cover-up" by President Bush in the Hurricane Katrina fiasco.
After complaining that President Bush was dangerously "oblivious" as Hurricane Katrina victims suffered, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is now warning that the Republican-controlled Congress is mounting a full-blown cover-up of alleged Bush administration bungling.

Pelosi told reporters Thursday that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist plan to organize a "sham committee" to "whitewash" FEMA's response to the disaster.

"There has to be an honest assessment," the San Francisco Democrat declared. "We owe these people the truth," she added.

Escalating her rhetoric even further, Pelosi said that FEMA is now run by a group of "political hacks."

Ooooh, a "sham committee" to "whitewash" FEMA's response to the disaster", and the men in black are outside her door ready to zap her with their supper secret ray guns because she has blown the story wide open. In reality (which Nancy has seen little of), the men in white coats are waiting with a straight jacket to take her to a nice "farm" up state to let her regain her sanity. Nancy is so caught up in the Donk rhetoric and lies about the blame for the after math of hurricane Katrina, that is forgetting that Americans can read the truth and know that she and her party of parasites are lying to make political points. Disgusting creatures, those Donks, they will suck the blood out of a road killed armadillo to gain political points. Disgusting!

Mr Minority