Friday, September 09, 2005

Who is REALLY to Blame for the Levees Breaking?

The Left is screaming about President Bush cutting the financing for the levees to protect New Orleans, but whose fault is it really? Based on the information in this article, it's the environmentalists that have stood in the way of updating the levees.
With all that has happened in the state, it’s understandable that the Louisiana chapter of the Sierra Club may not have updated its website. But when its members get around to it, they may want to change the wording of one item in particular. The site brags that the group is “working to keep the Atchafalaya Basin,” which adjoins the Mississippi River not far from New Orleans, “wet and wild.”

These words may seem especially inappropriate after the breaking of the levee that caused the tragic events in New Orleans last week. But “wet and wild” has a larger significance in light of those events, and so does the group using the phrase. The national Sierra Club was one of several environmental groups who sued the Army Corps of Engineers to stop a 1996 plan to raise and fortify Mississippi River levees.

The Army Corps was planning to upgrade 303 miles of levees along the river in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. This was needed, a Corps spokesman told the Baton Rouge, La., newspaper The Advocate, because “a failure could wreak catastrophic consequences on Louisiana and Mississippi which the states would be decades in overcoming, if they overcame them at all.”

But a suit filed by environmental groups at the U.S. District Court in New Orleans claimed the Corps had not looked at “the impact on bottomland hardwood wetlands.” The lawsuit stated, “Bottomland hardwood forests must be protected and restored if the Louisiana black bear is to survive as a species, and if we are to ensure continued support for source population of all birds breeding in the lower Mississippi River valley.” In addition to the Sierra Club, other parties to the suit were the group American Rivers, the Mississippi River Basin Alliance, and the Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi Wildlife Federations.

Read the whole article to get all the facts, but you can see that the eco-nuts have been in the way of any needed upgrading. In their convoluted endeavor to save the critters, they have doomed humans to drowning. I am getting tired of these bunny lovers placing incognizant creatures above the needs of humans. Eco-nuts are the cause of lots of suffering by humans because of their misplaced logic. Now that human lives have been lost because of these nuts, it's time to put them in their place, lower than the animals that they want to protect.

Mr Minority