Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mr M is a Conservative Boogie Man

It was bound to happen, and I am glad it did, the blogsite Blue Flypaper (or as I call them: Sticky Paper Gatherer of Flying Shit Lickers) has blacklisted me. "True Blue", the site author, feels that I am too conservative, use my brain instead of my "feelings" and respect the Constitution, thus I am now on the Left's "No-No" list. True Blue has written a "scathing" post on all my great qualities, which to her are negative qualities (but what do you expect from a young femi-nazi Kalifornia airhead). If you read her list of reasons to ban me, I sound like a combination of Dick Cheney and Ollie North, which to me is a great compliment.

Thank You True Blue, to be reviled by you means that I have been writing the truth, which you Leftists can't stand.

Mr Minority