Thursday, September 08, 2005

The ACLU and Gays

The ACLU is working hard to destroy American and the values that made it great. The are working to eliminate all public displays of Christianity, they are out to completely wipe out the Boy Scouts, they are working to protect pedophilia and they are trying their hardest to destroy the sanctity of marriage by pushing the Gay Marriage issue.

Alan Sears has written a great column on the ACLU's push for Gay Marriage and why it is wrong.
Imagine that tonight, in stadiums all over the United States, Major League Baseball games are disrupted by an invasion of football players, running by dozens and hundreds out onto the diamonds.

"We want to play, too!" the game-crashers cry.

"But this is baseball," a pitcher points out. "It's a totally different game."

"Not fair!" the invaders insist. "We demand that you let us play! And here – use our ball. Re-line the field. And play by our NFL rules!"

"It won't work," says a shortstop. "You can't pitch pigskin."

"Foul!" scream the footballers to ESPN cameras. "Unsportsmanlike! Boycott baseball!"

The crowd grows restless and bellows their deafening disapproval. The umps' thumbs are flying: "You're outta the game!" But the helmeted Huns dig in their cleats.

"These fans are narrow-minded!" they yell. "These umps are bought and paid for! Where's the justice? What are these ballplayers so afraid of?"

"Football-phobics?" read the morning sports pages, featuring photos of outraged outfielders, shaking their fists at runningbacks spiking balls at home plate.

Absurd? Maybe ... but a not-dissimilar scenario is unfolding all over America as increasingly aggressive advocates of homosexual behavior demand legal, moral and cultural endorsement of same-sex "marriage" and other aspects of a demanding legal agenda.

Unable to woo a wary electorate, they are taking the country to court, where their American Civil Liberties Union allied attorneys are trying to force a shotgun wedding of homosexual behavioral mores to traditional American values.

Read the rest of Alan's column, it goes on to document the ACLU's agenda to destroy America through Gay Marriages.

Marriage is sanctioned by God between a Man and a Woman, not Gay couples, thus this is one institution that should NOT be corrupted by gays.

Mr Minority

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