Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11/05 - Disaster vs Disaster

Today 9/11/05 we memorialize the tragic and cowardly attacks by Muslim terrorists against America. But I am also remember how Americans responded to those attacks, and I compare that response to how Americans responded to the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

When America learned about the attacks by al-Qadia terrorists, there was a great coming together by all, regardless of political views, this was America at it's finest. When hurricane Katrina hit, we did not have that great coming together, we had the Left using the disaster to play the Blame Game and blast President Bush and his administration. The only thing that has changed in 4 years is the Left has been sidelined politically, so they are now using everything in their dirty playbook to win political points. The Hatred that is consuming the Left has destroyed their humanity, so even their show of "compassion" for those that are affected by the hurricane is for a political purpose. I am tired of seeing disasters, where the is human suffering, being used to gain points in the game of politics, to me they that play this game are the lowest form of scum imaginable.

Let us remember today the attacks by the enemy on America 4 years ago, and forget the attacks by the Left that are on going now. Because in the end, we need to remember those that lost their lives in both disasters, because they were Americans too.

Here is the posting I wrote last year on my rememberance of that day 4 years ago.

Mr Minority