Saturday, September 10, 2005

Standing Up for Your Right to Freedom of Speech

In this PC world, the Freedom of Speech has taken a back seat to being "sensitive" to the feelings of others. And in Kanuckistan, where it is a crime to speak out against gays, one pastor is fighting for his right, and is willing to go to jail for it.
A Canadian pastor who works with at-risk youth is preparing to face his province's Human Rights Tribunal because of a letter to the editor he wrote calling homosexuality immoral and dangerous.

The letter by the Rev. Stephen Boissoin of Alberta also called into question the province's new homosexual-rights curriculum, reported

The complaint was filed by Darren Lund, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary, after Boissoin's letter was published in the Red Deer Advocate.

If Boissoin loses, he could be forced to pay $7,000 in fines – $5,000 to Lund personally and another $2,000 to the homosexual-rights group EGALE Canada.

In addition, Lund requests that Boissoin, married with two children, be forced to apologize to his readers in another letter in the Red Deer Advocate.

Boissoin says, however, he will not apologize or pay the fines, even if it means prison.

Being forced with a fine, prison time and being made to apologize for questioning a bad policy, just because it involved gays, this is the act of a democratically governed free country? The Freedom of Speech is the one Right that stands above the rest, because without it the others are just worthless. I think Canada, with it's PC laws, is on it's way to being what the Soviet Union once was, a Socialist Dictatorship and the Canadian Gov't, all in the name of diversity, is proudly headed that way. What will be the next law to limit their rights, speaking out against the Gov't? Not allowing speech against Liberals? Restricting the right to speak out against polar bears with brown spots? Where will it end? Once you start restricting someone's freedom of speech, special interest groups and Gov't will always make sure that some type of speech is hurting someone. I applaud this pastor for standing up for his convictions, and maybe, just maybe, the Gov't will realize that it's new law is wrong.

Mr Minority