Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mr M & The Book Meme

Red Falcon tagged me with the latest Book Meme that has been passing around the Blog-o-Sphere. And since I am a "Nice Guy", I decided to participate.

I am an avid reader and always have been. In fact during the last couple of periods of unemployments (due to being laid off by greedy capitalist high tech corporations) I was a very frequent visitor to the local library. I would check out 10 books at a time, and would be trading them in for more before the 2 week time limit was over. But now that I am employed, my reading has slowed down with me reading maybe 1 or 2 books a week. Most of my Library consists of SciFi, Techo-Thrillers, Westerns and Christian books. I read for enjoyment, so I tend to read books with great stories and convoluted plots. With that said:

1) # of Books That I Own: Currently I have about 850 books in my library, with 90% of them being paperbacks. I have traded lots of books out over the years, so if I were to guestimate I would say that I have owned about 8000 books all total. But if I were to say how many books I have READ over the years, I would say about 15,000 books (this doesn't include the books I read to my kids).

2) Last Book Bought: State of the Union by Brad Thor. It is also the one I am currently reading. I buy most of my books at the used bookstore, thus I save myself a lot amount of money considering how much I read.

3) Last Book Read: Mazurka by Campbell Armstroung

4) Five Books of Notable Influence on Me:
- The Holy Bible, which goes without saying is the most influential book I own (and I have 12 of them). In fact I have my Grandmother's Bible with all her notes in the margins, and I have our Family Bible with the list of relatives.

- Mysterious Island by Jules Vern. I say this is the second most influential book, because this is the book that got me hooked into reading (at 15). After I read this book, I couldn't get enough SciFi and devoured it like a starving dog.

- Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. This book got me into Techno-thrillers, which I still love and read to this day. I have my Favorite Authors, like Dale Brown, Dan Coyle, Richard Herman, Larry Bond and Stephen Hunter.

- Sackett by Loius L'Amour. I had always avoided reading Westerns, until one time I had no choice but to read one (I was stuck where that was all that was available), and was hooked on anything written by L'Amour. Since then I have ventured out and have read a lot of books by Keith Elmer.

- A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Needless to say, this book explains a lot of things that a Christian should be aware of if they want to walk with God.

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