Friday, June 17, 2005

Barbaric Convoluted Muslim Justice

Muslim justice has it's roots in barbarism and it's convoluted logic defies civilized reasoning. This story about their brand of justice demonstrates that point.
New Delhi - A young Indian woman, allegedly raped by her father-in-law, has been ordered by village elders to live with him as his wife, said a report on Wednesday.

The Asian Age daily newspaper reported that Muslim clerics who served as village elders in Uttar Pradesh, India, decided that the woman's rape by her father-in-law had "nullified" her marriage to her husband.

The 28-year-old woman, the mother of five children, married rickshaw-puller Noor Mohammed about 10 years ago in Charthawal village.

The report said her father-in-law, Ali Mohammed, allegedly raped her while her husband was away at work nearly two weeks ago, but the husband ignored his wife's complaints.

It said the wife had decided to walk out on her husband, but family members pressured her to stay and the matter landed before the council of village elders.

The newspaper said clerics ordered her to stay with her parental family for seven months and 10 days to become "pure" again before taking up her new life as her father-in-law's wife.

It quoted one Muslim cleric as saying that on her return to her home, she would "then be like a mother" to her husband.

Where is the justice in forcing a woman to divorce her husband and marry the rapist, which happens to be the Father-in-Law? Where is the logic in this? Real justice would be to castrate the Father-in-law, take away his money and give it to the victims, the woman and her husband. But NO, barbarism prevailed and the woman is made to suffer. And these people think that they are superior to us? I Don't Think So!!! Maybe one of these days, they will grow up and be eligible to join the human race and civilization, but until then, we need to beware of their brand of justice.

Mr Minority