Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Al Franken's Actions is Typical of Air America - Screeching, Lies and HOT Air

Al Franken received an award the other day and went off the deep end during his acceptance speech.
Air America star Al Franken had a meltdown Friday night while accepting the Freedom of Speech Award at Talkers Magazine's New Media Seminar, before being forced to leave the stage by the event's sponsor.

The liberal yakker launched into a 20-minute tirade against his conservative colleagues, taking shots at Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Bill Bennett, according to WWRL host Steve Malzberg, who witnessed the ugly outburst.

"It was the most bizarre thing I've seen in a long time," Malzberg told NewsMax. "Franken was as obnoxious and arrogant as could be."

After blasting the top talent in his industry, Franken took on the war in Iraq - dissecting a report on a visit to the troops by fellow talk host Rusty Humphries.

As the Air America host droned on, the audience grew restless, with some shouting for Franken to "hurry up."

But according to the New York Post's John Mainelli, Franken wouldn't budge. "It's freedom of speech ... I have about two pages left," he shot back.

Finally, Talkers publisher Michael Harrison gave Franken the hook, beseeching the volatile host: "We honored you, now honor us. Don't kill our party."

Before he departed, however, Franken lept into his own peroration about visiting the troops - appearing to sob as he detailed their injuries.

Franken is a good representative of the Left, doesn't listen, screeching lies, huge egos, and demented logic to reality. I think it is particularly funny that he had to hauled off the stage by the same people that thought that he deserved the award. Franken and Air America have nothing to offer America, except the pushing of the Leftist Socialistic agenda, and their ratings show how much people are willing to listen to this agenda - not at all. They still have a small market of Kool-aide drinking lefties sucking down the poison of the Left, but the mainstream middle class is turned off by their idiotic positions. Al is doomed just like Air America is doomed, they just haven't accepted the reality of their demise. I have no pity for them, because they brought it upon themselves. Da Svendanya Comrades!

Mr Minority