Saturday, June 11, 2005

When You Give an Inch, They Want a Mile

When Sharon agreed to giving up the Gaza Strip and some of the West Bank to the Palewhinians, do you think that they were happy? Nope, they want MORE!!! And they won't guarantee no violence!!
NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza – After Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza evacuation plan is implemented this summer, Israel will need to withdraw from other areas if it wants to achieve peace with its neighbors, Palestinian negotiation minister Saeb Erekat told WND in an exclusive interview today.

"Of course Gaza cannot be the end of it. There needs to be a process. Peace requires a two-state solution, one that includes Jerusalem," said Erekat, speaking to WND from the West Bank.

Sharon this summer plans to evacuate all Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip and four from West Bank settlements. He has said there would be no more withdrawals after his plan is carried out, but Israeli officials have hinted at giving up other territories, including eastern Jerusalem.

Erekat said the PA is interested in working with Sharon's office and has taken steps to temper Hamas violence.

"Absolutely we want to do this together," Erekat said. "We will do our best to make sure everything is done peacefully. Now we are trying to bring calm to the areas."

Hamas regularly fires mortar and Qassam rockets into the Jewish Gaza communities. A rocket attack this week killed two workers in a Jewish greenhouse. Analysts have warned the attacks will escalate as the Gaza withdrawal draws closer so Hamas can claim it has driven Israel from the area.

Critics worry that after the Gaza evacuation Hamas will use the territory gained to stage rocket attacks deeper inside Israel and say the terror group is poised to assume control of Gaza.

Erekat conceded Hamas may gain control in Gaza after the withdrawal is carried out.

"We are having elections and whoever wins elections will be in charge," said Erekat.

Sharon set a dangerous precedent when he agreed to giving up the Gaza Strip, because now the Palewhinians want more, and more, and they don't care if Jews are killed by Hamas and other Haters. I see no end to this conflict, because if Israel says "enough land" the Palewhinians will scream that Israel is renigging on their promise, even though they haven't stopped the violence. Israel should have never let the rabble rousers back into their country, and now that they there, it has been nothing but trouble. The only clear solution is to kick them all out again, or tell them, that is all the land that they are going to get, and any violence will result in a WAR!!

Mr Minority