Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Iran Wants to be FREE!!!

With the success that the US had in bringing democracy to Iraq, it's neighbor Iran now wants that same democracy.
A scientific public opinion survey of Iranians shows most want regime change in their country and 74 percent believe the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq increases the chances they will be able to overthrow their Shiite theocracy.

The survey, which was the first of its kind, found two-thirds of Iranians believe that regime change in Iraq has been a positive for both neighboring countries: with 66 percent believing that it served Iran's national interests, while 65 percent believed the Iraqi people will, in the long-run, be better off.

Validating reports of widespread discontent with the clerical regime, three-fourths of Iranians, 73 percent, support the call for a national referendum through which Iranians are given a chance to choose the form of government of their choice.

That's the thing about democracy and the freedoms it brings, they are infectious, and people want them. Iraq and Afghanistan are great experiments, in that they are experiencing democracy in their countries that have never experienced it before, and being Muslim countries, they do not lend themselves to this system of Gov't very well either. But, both Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that the people yearn to be free, no matter their religion, and this yearning is been caught onto in Iran. There the people see what has taken place in Iraq, and want the same, and they are ready after suffering over 3 decades of the Mad Mullahs and their theocratic tyranny. Pray for the people of Iran, that they get their wish with a change in Gov't, because with a democratic and peaceful Iran, that part of the world will be a hell of lot more stable, and plus the people deserve their freedoms, just like anyone else.

Mr Minority