Monday, June 13, 2005

The Time to Stop This Nonsense is NOW!!!

Some stupid and power hungry nations of the world have put forth a plan to tax EVERYBODY'S airline ticket to pay for lining the pocket of African Dictators!
Airline groups have condemned plans by the world's richest countries to impose a tax on airline tickets to fund extra money for poor African countries - and make a gesture towards fighting climate change.

Finance ministers from the G8 agreed at the weekend to look at using income from airline traffic to boost aid.

Although the tax might only amount to a few extra pence on a ticket, experts believe the move would be a major blow to cut-price airlines that sell tickets for as little as £1.

The move, which could add a pound on to air fares, was greeted with delight by environmental groups who said it was a first step towards making people pay the true cost of plane travel.

The plan emerged in the text of the communiqué issued after the two-day meeting in London but was initially overshadowed by the high-profile agreement by the G8 to wipe out $40bn (£22bn) of Third World debt.

The G8 backed a pilot project, led by France and Germany, for a "contribution of air travel tickets to support specific development projects."

Hans Eichel, the German Finance Minister, said: "The air ticket tax ... is now on the working programme of the G8. No one in the G8 has said anything against it."

Naturally it would be Fwance and Germany that are pushing this global tax, since they probably want ot CONTROL the money that it brings in. I don't buy into this tax, which we in American didn't vote upon, not would I let our Gov't think it is a good idea. If Fwance and Germany want to tax their poor serfs, that is their business, but to put it forward as a tax on the world, I say to hell with that and with them! It is not their place to tax me, so who in the hell do they think they are to try and get away with it!! If it is past by the G8, I say we band together and shoot it down in Congress. Any money collected has about a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting to the people in Africa that needs it. Most will go to the Bureaucracy that runs the program, a lot, I bet, ends up in Chirac and Schroeder's pockets, and the rest will go to African Dictators like Mugambe and his ilk. I also refuse to support spending money on junk science backed "Global Warming"!! I so NO to this tax, I say NO to other countries trying to tax American's, I say NO to making African Dictators and idiot junk scientists richer. JUST SAY NO!!!

Mr Minority